Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I'm here to share all the tips and tricks I used to lose 45 lbs and keep it off for over 2 years. 



I tried countless diets and I wanted a place where I can review products for losing weight and share my thoughts and opinions on them. I also wanted to include all my healthy recipes that I used and still regularly use. 



I've been on a weight loss journey for 10 years now and I have yo yo dieted for a majority of those years. It wasn't until a trip to an all inclusive resort 3 years ago that I finally said enough is enough and I vowed to stop making excuses. Once I finally committed I ended up losing 30 lbs in 4 months - and kept it off since then. I gradually lost 15 more pounds  by taking my time and not putting any pressure on myself. I was fed up with being unhappy with myself and not feeling confident. The most frustrating part was that I was exercising 5 days a week for at least an hour a day but I did not have my diet in order then. Wish it didn't take me years to learn this but I learned that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. 



Even though a few years ago I would have told you that its impossible and complicated to lose weight but now that I have achieved it I want to show you it doesn't have to be hard. For a big portion of my life I over complicated it when really it can be easy and simple, you just need to find what works for you, which is why I wanted to start this blog to provide you with healthy delicious recipes and review weight loss products that have worked for me. I will not recommend products unless I truly see a benefit from them.



If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out