Butterscotch Protein Pudding

Servings: 8 cups



Add all ingredients to a big blender - I use my Vitamix for this recipe since this recipe yields about 8 cups of pudding. Blend it on medium speed until mixed. You will need a powerful blender because the pudding comes out very thick so your blender will need to have a strong motor to get this mixed up.

Once blended you can store this in an airtight container in the fridge for a week and enjoy it for dessert every night.


  • The pudding flavor and the protein powder used will alter the taste. I love using the Butterscotch Jell-o packs, but I have tried with Vanilla and Chocolate and those are great as well. I normally base the pudding pack flavor depending on what protein powder I use. In this recipe I used a Maple Syrup Pancake Protein powder and the Butterscotch Pudding mix and it was one of my favorites.

  • Guar gum is used as the thickener in this recipe. If you cannot find guar gum in your area then you can also use same amount of Xantham Gum.

  • I serve 1 cup pudding and add whatever toppings i have on hand. Some of them being Lite Cool Whip, chocolate chips, granola or any fruit. It makes a perfect dessert at the end of the day when i'm craving something sweet. Its very filling as well so you won't be able to eat too much of it.

Nutritional Information for 1 Cup serving

  • Calories: 117

  • Fat: 2.1g

  • Carbs: 11g

  • Protein: 13.9g

  • Sugar: 5.5g

  • Fiber: 1.4g

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