Homemade Sugar free Maple Syrup (Almost Calorie Free)

Servings: 2 cups



1. Place 2 cups water in a small pot and boil on high.

2. Once the water is boiling remove pot from heat. Add 1 tsp Guar gum and whisk until fully dissolved. This will cause the mixture to thicken up and give it the nice maple syrup texture.

3. Add the Stevia, the rest of the extracts and the salt to the mixture and whisk again until mixed.

4. Place the Sugar free Maple Syrup in a mason jar or any glass bottle. Once cooled - store in fridge.


1. Feel free to use any extracts you want - it just needs to be 2 tsp total - but you can use any flavor and customize it to your liking.

2. Same with the Stevia - I use it because I like it but you can use any sweetener you enjoy.

Nutritional Info for the WHOLE recipe (2 cups)

  • Calories: 35

  • Fat: 0g

  • Carbs: 3.1g

  • Protein: 0g

  • Sugar: 1.1g

  • Fiber: 2g

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